Kiwi Fruit   2008-03-11 10:41:30  

The Kiwi fruit is a kind of Asian frutex with the earliest grown history traced back to the 1970s in France. Originally, its name was the same as the national bird given by New Zealander. It was described as an oval fruit with light-acid green flesh, which contains up to 7 kinds of vitamins. Among all the fruits, it is mostly rich in VC & VE meanwhile high amout of nourishment as amino acid and other mineral substances exist. It called Mihou Tao in Chinese,and early to the 16th century there was records about it by renowned doctor Li Shizhen in the book “Compendium of Materia Medica”as the words “with the shape of pears and color of peaches, this fruit is named Mihou Tao (macaque peaches) because it is the favorite kiwi fruit of macaques.”

   Editor: 安昕    Source: Xi'an custom