Demaogong Crystal Pancakes   2008-03-11 11:08:01  

Demaogong Crystal Pancake is the famous flavor in Ancient Xian City. Its name derives from the crystal-like stuffing inside; it is a typical representative of Qin-style Cakes. The Crystal Pancake originated from Xia County of Song Dynasty that bearing a history of 800 years, once has been eponymous with bird’s nest, white fungus and Jinhua ham. The legend related is about an official of Song Dynasty—Kou Zhun, on his way back to his hometown from Beijing on his 50th birthday. His friends and relatives brought peaches, steamed bread, and inscribed wooden boards for his birthday celebration. During the process of the banquet, a servant brought in an intricate wooden box in which Kou found 50 crystal-clear pancakes. The red paper sheet that covered the cakes read, “Penetrating are your eyes, and pure is your heart; being able to tell the loyal from the wicked, you are upright from the start." The name of the sender was “an old man from Weibei.” Later, Kou's chef learned its cooking technique. The name “Crystal pancakes” given by kou is still in use today. Listed all the crystal pancakes, the one made in Demaogong is the most orthodox in China. It looks small and exquisite with crisp peels and delicious stuffing make it tasty and following a kind of flavor mixed with rose and mandarin orange.

   Editor: 安昕    Source: Xi'an custom