Sanyuan Liao Flower Sugar   2008-03-11 11:10:14  
“Liao(蓼) Flower Sugar” is the traditional famous snack in Sanyuan County. It was initially called as “liao(僚) Flower Sugar”, here the character “liao(僚)”is different from the present word “liao(蓼) ” in Chinese form. The original “liao(僚) ” is the Guanzhong dialect that means “good”. It has a history of long to 400 hundred years. As the story goes in Qing Dyansty, Empress CiXi with Emperor GuangXu came to Xian to give highly praise on the “Liao Flower Sugar” offered by the local officials.

She saw that the sugar were shaped so much like the Flower Liao, afterwards, people began to adopt the partial tone of “Liao” and changed its name into the present one. The sugar is in round-drumstick-shape, big in size but light in weight, sesames and granulated sugar are allover the golden peel with white candies inside, all of which make it both pleasing to eyes and tasting.

   Editor: 安昕    Source: Xi'an custom