Red Ibis   2008-03-11 12:18:10  

In May 1981,an endangered rare bird--the red ibis--was rediscovered in the territory of Yangxian County,on the south of side of the Qingling Mountains.This was the first flock of wild red ibis discovered in China since 1964,and it later proved to be the world's only flock of red ibis in the wild.

The beautiful red ibis,with its white body,pink wings and scarlet head,is one of the world's five rarest bird species.The Yangxian Nature Reserve,which rises from 800 to 1,600 meters above sea level,has wide river valleys,abundant  water resources ans wide forest coverage,providing suitable habitats for the red ibis.Following the creation of this national reserve,red ibis habitats have been well protected for the past 20 years.According to 2003 atstistics,the wild red ibis population has increased to 240 from the original seven.In addition,man-reared numbers have reached 260,including a flock of 50 reared in Janpan with help from China.

   Editor: An Xin    Source: Shaanxi Glories and Dreams