Yangling Agricultural High-Tech Demonstration Zone
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In the face of the global revolution in agricultural science and technology and in light of the country's agricultural development, China has established a national level agricultural high-tech industry demonstration zone at

Yangling, Shaanxi Province. This is considered a major move to promote the development of agriculture by leaps and bounds, according to the latest Beijing Review.

Located on the Guanzhong Plain of Shaanxi, Yangling is the birthplace of the farming civilization of the Chinese nation and an important base for China's agricultural research and the training of talented people in this regard. In order to give better play to Yangling's advantages in education, science and technology, the State Council approved the establishment of the country's sole agricultural high-tech industry demonstration zone in July 1997 at Yangling, which has become one of the 10 major high-tech parks opened to APEC.

By the end of last year, some 1.56 billion yuan had been invested in fixed assets. Urban infrastructure facilities have greatly improved. A number of key engineering projects, including an international convention and exhibition center, a startup center, a medical center and an aquatic sports center, have been built. A broadband fiber-optic network, which integrates telecommunications, television and data communication services, as well as power, heating, gas and water supply systems have become available.

Through more than three years of construction and development, Yangling has created a favorable environment for promoting agricultural high-tech industries, playing an increasingly prominent role in the demonstration of agricultural science and technology, enterprise incubation, training of talented personnel, system innovation, and international cooperation.

Yangling's sound institutional structure, flexible mechanism, and favorable software/hardware environment have contributed to the rapid growth of high-tech enterprises and the accelerated commercialization and industrialization of high-tech achievements.


   Editor: Anxin    Source: the department of commerce of Shaanxi Province