Baoji High-Tech Industries Development Zone   2008-03-12 11:23:10  


In the east of Baoji city;

Surface administered :21km²(further projected:43km²)


State-level Development Zone (approval :State Council);founded in 1992;(motorway along the old Silk Road, where Baoji was a famous caravansary for hundreds of year),silmilary, for connections North-South ,i.e. from Europe and Russia to Sichuan Province and to the South of the country ,across QinLing Mountain Range (EU –Asia Bridge);

Distance to Xi’an (Capital of Shaanxi province)is ~180 km,distance to Xi’an –Xianyang Airport (int’l . cargo and tourist focal point ) is ~160 km;

Pillar industries are machinery, electrical /electronic,rare metal ,fibre compound, magnetic material industries.


Offers all important infrastructure facilities required for production;

Energy and water available in abundance and at low prices(1/3 of those in the East,1/2 of those in the South of the country);

Trained labour (national level) is available at much lower cost than in the East and the South of the country.


For communication with institutions a “One-Stop-Shop”-office is available seeing to their needs and for communication with institutions, thus saving them from having to go through the motions themselves;

   Editor: Anxin    Source: the department of commerce of Shaanxi Province