Major Foreign Affairs Agencies of Shaanxi   2008-03-18 08:31:30  
 Name Address  Telephone Number 
Foreign Affairs office of Shaanxi Provicial People's Government 280 Jiefang Road,Xi'an  029—87442949
Shaanxi Govemment Information office 10 Yanta Road Nanduan.Xi'an  029—85582871
Shaanxi Taiwan Affairs office 57 Xingshan Temple East Street,xi'an  029—85215144
0pening—up office of Shaanxi Province Xincheng,Xi'an  029—87291665 
Shaanxi Provincial Development and Reform Gommission Xincheng,Xi'an  029—87293037
Shaanxi Economic and Trade Commission Xincheng,Xi'an  029—87291568
Shaanxi Foreign Trade&Economic Cooperation Bureau Xincheng,Xi'an  029—85261289
Shaanxi Provincial Tourism Bureau 15 Chang'an North Road,Xi'an  029—84333012
Shaanxi Bureau Of Land and Resources 180 Laodong South Road,Xi'an  029—87294408
Shaanxi Administration of industry and Commerce Xincheng,Xi'an  029—88461170
Shaanxi‘Provincial 0ffice of the State Administration of Taxation 96 Zhuque Road,Xi'an  029—87610760
Shaanxi Local Taxation Bureau 13 Bingjiao Street,xi'an  029—85365700
Shaanxi Entry—Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau 10 Hanguang North Road,Xi'an  029—87419531
Shaanxi Branch ofthe State Administration of Foreign Exchange 159 Jiefang Road,Xi'an  029—87291413
Shaanxi Sub—council of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Xincheng,Xi'an  029—85262332
Xi'an Customs 397 Zhuque Road,xi'an  029—87261726
Shaanxi Branch of Bank Of China 38 Juhuayuan,East Street,Xi'an  029—85395729
Shaanxi AssociatiOn of Enterprises with Foreign Investment Administrative Affairs Hall of Shaanxi Province  029—85393074
Shaanxi Foreign Investment Service Center  Administrative Affairs Hall of Shaanxi Province  029—87884513
ShaanXi Foreign Enterprise Service CO. 246 Youyi East Road,Xi'an  029—87274562
Shaanxi Branch of PlCC Property and Casualty CO.,Ltd. Yinhuabuyuan,South Street,Xi'an  029—87274448

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