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Oriental Hotel Xi'an   2008-03-18 09:43:17  

The Oriental Hotel stands in the southern suburb of Xi'an, the Culture District of this ancient capital. It locates right at the auspicious place where in the Tang Dynasty; Emperor Taizong ceremoniously welcomed the return of Xuan zang, the great monk who went to the Western Land for Buddhism scriptures. Nearby, there are scenic spots such as the Big and Small Wide Goose Pagoda, Shaanxi History Museum, Big Xing'shan Temple, etc.

Decorated in traditional Western as well as Oriental styles, the magnificent lobby is elegant, luxurious and splendid, manifesting the lofty manner of the hotel. The grand relief at the front gate is entitled Vogue of Qin (Dynasty) and South of Han (Dynasty). With the images of Qin zither, Han bamboo slip books, chime of bells, apsaras, Great Wall, dessert, camels, etc, it reveals thoroughly the splendor of Chinese culture and the charm of the vast Oriental civilization. The particular revolving business club on the top is perfect place for your business activities and dinner while observing the attractive vision of Xi'an City and viewing the scenery of the faraway Zhong'nan Mountain. The hotel has altogether 293 guestrooms in different styles, including the presidential suites, lux suites, standard rooms, etc. Any kind you choose, you will enjoy the special warmness and tranquility. Besides this, the hotel has altogether 9 dinning halls and banquet halls serving westernstyled as well as Chinese food, with numerous delicious food and dainty dishes for your choice. The bar in the lobby is in exact European style, with services for sauna, massage, hairdressing and beauty, etc., very suitable for time of leisure. The Oriental Hotel is awaiting our guests with its outstanding appearance, attentive service and perfect facility.

The Lobby : The spacious and luxurious lobby added with our prompt and earnest service,will make every guest feel at home and unforgettabley pleasant. The fully equipped Commercial Center,Shopping Center and bar in the lobby,could satisfy different demands of our guests with complete funcition provided by the modern international telecom facility and computer management system. Food&Drinking The hotel possesses many master chefs who combine proficiently the essence of local cuisine of Canton,Shanghai and Sichuan and who are also accomplished in westernstyled dishes.Their delicate art has been praised by numerous foreign and domestic guests,making our restaurant listed as a Famous Restaurant by the Chinese Cuisine Association.

With altogether 15 dinning halls and banquet halls decorated in different styles with great originality, we provide elegant atmosphere as well as a variety of dainties. We have a Long-Happiness Hall for big banquets of 400 guests and a Rare-Glory hall for 250 guests. Guestrooms The hotel has altogether 293 guestrooms,including Presidential Royal Residence,various lux suites,and standard rooms which are comfortable,finely equipped,and elegantly decorated. Meeting Halls The 3 meeting halls which are equipped with modern and advanced high-tech telecom equipment are ideal for international seminars,news release,business negotiations,lectures,product display,and various other meetings.


Shaanxi had been served as capitals since the ancient time, and with the 800 Li long land, Shaanxi is also a propitious place for giving birth to the great men and rich land that makes people a wealthy life in turn and the catering culture is of long standing and well established. The valuables of Qin Dynasty and the essence of Chinese culture are famous all over the world. The food in Orient Hotel features local cuisine, integrates the essence taste of Yue, Huai, Chuan cuisine, and gains the advantageous points of different dishes. Now, the food cooked by chefs who research and produce with great concentration, nutrition combined dish and the updated green operating concept comes into being, is so delicacies which not only have its own special taste but also satisfied guests at home and abroad. We look forward to seeing here, because only staying at Orient Hotel; you can appreciate the glamour of the Qin & the Han culture. We expect you to come because you can feel Chinese catering culture. We are waiting for your coming because you can enjoy yourself like. We believe you will come, because we are providing you high quality and starlevel service, the low price in catering and our everlasting excellent service with consideration and enthusiasm.


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