Guanzhong Folk Art Museum   2009-09-02 16:33:22  

Guanzhong Folk Art Museum is a prominent institution that exhibits the architecture, social interactions and cultural life of people who lived in the Shaanxi area from about 3rd century A.D. to the early 20th century. It is renowned for its folk art collection, restoration, research and interpretation. The museum was founded by Mr. Wang Yongchao, a Representative of the People’s Congress and a distinguished scholar who enjoys State Council’s special subsidy through the course of more than 20 years of dedicated work. Situated at the foot of the South Wutai Mountain, known as a holy Buddhist place in the Sui and Tang Dynasties, the museum covers a construction area of 493.88 Mu (82 acres) and a planned display area of 108,000 square meters (28 acres) requiring an estimated total investment of 570 million Yuan.

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