Hong Kong Buddhist Culture Exchange Delegation Visits Shaanxi for Exchange
http://en.cnwest.com   2010-04-17 16:34:23  

On April 10, the Hong Kong Buddhist culture exchange delegation headed by Yong Xing, vice chairman of the Hong Kong Buddhist Association, arrived in Shaanxi. The visit aims at inheriting the traditional culture of the Chinese nation, spreading and carrying forward the Buddhist culture, and promoting the exchange of Buddhist cultural undertaking home and abroad.

This time, a total of 126 persons attended the Buddhist culture exchange activity. They will mainly visit religious venues such as Famen Temple, Great Ci’en Temple, Jingye Temple, Buddhist Cultural District of Xiangji Temple and Kwan-yin Buddha Hall of Zhongnanshan, and Longyincha Thatched Shed, and thatched shed culture.

As a part of Qinling, Zhongnanshan is famous for profound Buddhist culture heritage, and is the second place of origin of Chinese Buddhist. It also enjoys high position among Buddhist disciples. Yong Xing said frankly that he visit like going back to home.

At the welcoming ceremony, Zhang Weize, vice chairman of the Shaanxi Provincial Committee of CPPCC, said that he believed that the visit of Hong Kong Buddhist culture exchange delegation will have important influences on protection and exploration of Buddhist culture, promotion of Qinling, promotion of Zhongnanshan, and development of religious culture and tourism of Shaanxi Province, and will further deepen the friendly ties between Shaanxi and people in Hong Kong.

It is noted that Buddha's finger relics of Famen Temple of Shaanxi Province was worshiped in Hong Kong in 2004 under the invitation of Hong Kong Buddhist Association and with the approval of the central government.

   Editor: Anxin    Source: Government Website of Shaanxi Province