Six Highway Projects of Shaanxi to Open for Traffic   2010-04-20 09:28:37  

Yesterday, the reporter noted from the Communications Department of Shaanxi that six highway projects of our province will open for traffic this year, and the accumulative mileage will reach 665 kilometers. In addition to the highways already constructed and haven’t been open to traffic, the highway mileage completed by our province this year will reach 800 kilometers.

It is noted that the six highway projects that open to traffic are west Anzhong Segment of Shiyan-Tiansui Highway Project, east Hanzhong Segment of Shiyan-Tiansui Highway Project, expanded construction project of Tongguan-Xi’an Segment of Lianyungang to Huoerguosi Highway Project, Weinan-Pucheng Highway Project, Shaanxi Segment of Qingdao-Lanzhou Highway, Ankang-Maoba Segment of Baotou-Maoming Highway Project and Maoba to Border of Shaanxi and Sichuan Segment of Baotou-Maoming Highway Project. In addition to 18 kilometers of highway of Shenmu-Dianta Segment of Yulin-Shenmu Highway Project, 11 kilometers of experimental segment of Xi’an-Tongchuan Highway Project,64 kilometers of highway of Qianyang northward segment of Baoji-Hanzhong Highway Project, 42 kilometers of Xi’an-Yushan Segment of Xi’an-Shangzhou Highway Project, the total mileage of highways constructed by our province in 2010 can reach 800 kilometers.

   Editor: Anxin    Source: Government Website of Shaanxi Province