Governor Yuan Chunqing Meets with a Delegation of Straits Exchange Foundation   2010-04-20 09:28:37  

On the afternoon of April 14, Governor Yuan Chunqing met with a delegation of cultural education and museum headed by Gao Konglian, vice chairman and secretary general of the Straits Exchange Foundation at the Bell Tower Hotel Xi’an.

The delegation is the first one for cultural education exchange to Chinese mainland of the Straits Exchange Foundation resumed the contacts with the Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits. Mainly comprised of cultural museum experts in Taiwan, the delegation visited our province on April 13 to April 16 to conduct a survey and investigation on cultural and educational sectors of our province, and promote the exchanges and cooperation between Shaanxi and Taiwan.

Governor Yuan Chunqing welcomed the visit of the delegation. He said that Shaanxi Province is an important cradle land of the Chinese nation. A total of 13 dynasties including Zhou, Qin, Han and Tang have set up their capitals in Shaanxi. The Terracotta Army and Famen Temple are famous in the world. The history and culture in Shaanxi are complete, profound and ultimate. There is a saying that visiting Shaanxi, one can know the 5000-year history of China. Currently, Xi’an is taking the Tang Dynasty imperial city re-construction plan as the starting point to build up the humanism city of east people with profound historical heritage and modernized sense. Today’s Shaanxi is a piece of land full of energies. Guanzhong boasts profound scientific education strengths and well-developed equipment manufacturing industry. The three cities in south Shaanxi boast favorable ecological environment and special advantages in development of recycled economy. The north Shaanxi boasts rich resources of coal, oil, gas and salt, and is an important strategic energy base of China. In particular, after many years of efforts, the forest coverage rate of Shaanxi is close to 38%. The past loess plateau has been covered by luxuriantly green color. Shaanxi and Taiwan have a long history of exchange. Many renowned enterprises in Taiwan have made investment in Shaanxi. After the opening of non-stop service between Xi’an and Taipei, more and more Taiwan compatriots came to Shaanxi for sightseeing and business exchange. The exchange and cooperation between the two places have the trend the advantage supplementation and mutual-benefits. He hoped that the delegation could visit more places in Shaanxi and grasp the opportunity of cultural exchange to promote the comprehensive cooperation of two places in economy, trade and technology.

Gao Konglian extended thanks to hospitality of our province. He said that it is the first time for him to visit Shaanxi. The humanistic heritage, ecological environment as well as economic and social development have left deep impressions on him. He believed that Shaanxi will have limitless development potentials in the future. He said that his visit to Shaanxi could enhance the friendship between two places and intensify the cooperation of two places. Enterprises in Taiwan and Shaanxi have wide cooperation space in cultural and creative industry, high-tech industry, environmental protection industry, modern agriculture and service industry. He sincerely welcomes more friends in Shaanxi to come to Taiwan for investment and sightseeing, so as to deepen the exchanges the exchange and realize mutual benefits.

Responsible persons of the Association for Relations across the Taiwan Straits and related departments of our province were also present at the event.

   Editor: Anxin    Source: Government Website of Shaanxi Province