Calligraphies and Paintings Express Loving Cares   2010-04-24 09:27:51  

Calligraphic and Painting Circle of Shaanxi Province Organizes Charity Contribution and Sale Activities to Raise 2.06 Million Yuan of Capitals for Disaster Relief. At the event, calligraphers and painters, such as Liu Wenxi and Wu Sanda, all wielded brushes, donating loving cares to people in disaster-stricken areas.

Disasters have no mercy, but humans do. The “donating loving cares to Yushu, the large-scaled disaster-relief charity contribution and donation activity of calligraphic and painting circle of Shaanxi” jointly organized by the Propaganda Department of the CPC Shaanxi Provincial Committee, the Cultural Federation of Shaanxi Province, the Shaanxi Provincial Artists Association, the Shaanxi Provincial Calligraphy Association and the Chinese Painting Institute of Xi’an was held successfully at Xi’an Zhonggulou Square on the morning of April 18. More than 300 calligraphers and painters including Liu Wenxi, Wang Xijing, Jiang Wenzhan, Wu Sanda, Xue Yangxian, Ru Gui, Qiao Yinan, Hu Mingjun, Fanhua and Ma Hesheng attended the event, with 2.06 million yuan of donation raised.

At 10:00 on the morning, the charity donation activity started. The reporter saw the people poured into the event line tidewater. The calligraphers and painters surrounded by the crowd tightly. The 77-year-old famous painter Liu Wenxi created a work titled “The Old Man on the Yellow Land” at the event regardless of his illness. The photo was bought by an enterprise from Tianjin surnamed Zhang at the price of 350,000 yuan. Another renowned calligrapher Wu Sanda also attended the event with illness and created the calligraphic works at the event.

More than 100 painters from the Shaanxi Provincial Artists Association attended the activity. At the event, Wang Xijing, chairman of the Shaanxi Provincial Artists Association, donated 600,000 yuan to the disaster-stricken areas. After knowing the occurrence of earthquake disaster, many artists created works in the night. Some artists attended the charity sale with their excellent works.

The charity sale attracted many persons and businessmen. A woman has special affection with a work of tiger and request the working personnel to keep the painting for her, and said she will pay for the painting immediately. A warmhearted citizen told the reporter that the activity is quite good. It enables the public to have the chance to keep work of their favorite calligraphers and painters, and to donate loving cares to the people in disaster-stricken areas.

Lei Zhenmin, chairman of the Shaanxi Provincial Calligraphy Association, indicated that over 100 calligraphers including chairman of the association, all attended the activity. He said that the charity sale will stick to the principle of “transparency, openness and fairness” to ensure that charity donation of all calligraphers and painters can be sent to people in disaster-stricken areas.

At 12:00 on the charity sale activity concluded. Donation collected the activity will be sent to the disaster-stricken areas by the Propaganda Department of the CPC Shaanxi Provincial Committee and the Shaanxi Association of Literature and Arts.

   Editor: Anxin    Source: Government Website of Shaanxi Province