Mauloseum of Western Han Emperor
It is a joint tomb of Liu Qi, a notable emperor of the Western Han Dynasty
3D Mausoleum of the Yellow Emperor
The mausoleum of yellow emperor stands at the top of Mt. Qiao Shan, Huang Ling County.
The Terracotta Warriors and Horses
Emperor Qin Shi Huang's Mausoleum,it is the world's Eighth Wonder
Foping County Attracts Inhabitation of Wild Mandarin Ducks
a pair of wild mandarin ducks is playing water at Jinshuihe and Luguanhe water drainage...
Hu Yue Meets With Minister of State in Charge of News and Liaison Affairs of Jordan
Governor Yuan Chunqing Leads a Delegation to Visit Mongolia, Ukraine and Poland
Shaanxi Province Donates 10 Million Yuan to Earthquake Disaster-stricken Areas in Qinghai
Governor Yuan Chunqing Meets with a Delegation of Straits Exchange Foundation
Zhu Jingzhi Meets with Korean Guests
Brief Introduction to Shaanxi Province
Shaanxi is one of the cradles of the Chinese nation where 13 dynasties made their national capital.It is well-known for its ancient monuments, temples and terra cotta warriors.
Calligraphies and Paintings Express Loving Cares
Calligraphic and Painting Circle of Shaanxi Province Organizes Charity Contribution and Sale Activities to Raise 2.06 Million Yuan of Capitals for Disaster Relief.
Shaanxi Province Holds Economic and Trade Cooperation Fair in UK
Six Highway Projects of Shaanxi to Open for Traffic
Hong Kong Buddhist Culture Exchange Delegation Visits Shaanxi for Exchange
Root of humanity,China's Huangling
Mausoleum of the Yellow Emperor, tomb of the ancestor of the Chinese nation, is on top of the Qiaoshan Mountain in Huangling County...
Shooting Shaanxi in the air (4)
Shooting Shaanxi in the air IV----The Long River in Shaanxi Province
    Wonderful Shaanxi  
History & Culture  
Tang Dynasty(1)
The Tang Dynasty,
established in 6l8 and lasting 290 years.
The Yellow Emperor
The Yellow Emperor was another Chinese tribal leader of remote antiquity
Custom & Folks  
Papercutting has long history and represents strong national style and local features.
Shadow play
Shadow play is a special drama rooted in China. It is a kind of performing art.
Red Shrine  
Date Garden-site of the CCP Secretariat
A lot of historically meaningful events took place in the Date Garden.
Yan'an Through The Eyes Of Foreigners
Yan'an was spurred by the "Fascination of the Orient."
Guanzhong Folk Art Museum
It exhibits the architecture, social interactions and cultural life of people...
The Charming Scenery on Baling Bridge
The Baling bridge is over the Qingyuan river,which lies in outside the south gate...
Yaozhou Tribute Porcelain Returns to Homeland
cerulean-blue-glazed “Daguan” bowl with peony patterns
Ba Xian An Monastery
A popular and important spot for Taoist celebrations.
Rare Animals  
Qinling Zoological Park
The first park of its kind to be established in the northwest region in China.
Red Ibis
The beautiful red ibis,scarlet head,is one of the world's five rarest bird species.
Enjoy Life  
The pub street-Xi'an International Studies University
Bright lights, pubs, cafes, charming your lover...
Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show
A wonderful performance of the ancient music and dance..
Exhibition Hall  
Eight-labed cup
Eight-lobed cup with dancing and hunting scenesTang dynasty (618–907), 8th century
Ding was used to symbolize social status and power of the owner
[Xi'an Goument] Food in Dajianghuju restaurant
Stretched noodles with seafood...
Xi'an goument tasted on Singles'Day
Vinegar-soaked peanuts
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Domestic Trade and Market Price in Shaanxi 2008
Finance, Securities and Insurance in 2008 Shaanxi
Xi'an HTDZ emerges as China's R&D hotbed
Huawei to set up new plants in Xi'an
China Properties Developments, Inc.
>>   Development  Zones  
Back to the future
Entech Environmental, Inc.
Xi’an High-Tech Industries Development Zone
Baoji High-Tech Industries Development Zone
Yangling Agricultural High-Tech Demonstration Zone
    Routes & Sites
Major Routes for Baoji city
Xi'an-Famen Temple-Taibai National Nature Reserve-Guanshan Grassland
Major Routes for Xianyang City I
Xi'an-Xianyang Museum-Maoling Mausoleum-Huo qubing's Tomb
Foreign Affairs Agencies
Tianlong Commercial Hotel
Prince International Hotel Xi'an
Xi'an Longhai Hotel
Howard Johnson Ginwa Plaza Hotel
Shangri-La Golden Flower Hotel
Xian International Conference Center
Xi’an Garden Hotel
Oriental Hotel Xi'an
Travel Agencies
Local Specials
Shaanxi China Travel ServicesCo.,Ltd
Hanzhong China International Service
Huanshan China International Service
Yan'an China International Travel Service
Baoji China International Travel Service
Xianyang International Travel Service
Xi'an Tianma International Travel Service Co.,Ltd
Xi'an China Merchants International Travel Co.,Ltd
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Popular words
Beijing Olympic Games
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