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·Ancient Chang'an-- the Present Brilliant Xi'an
·Tang Dynasty(1)
   The Tang Dynasty,
established in 6l8 and lasting 290 years.
·Tang dynasty(2)
   Living a peaceful and affluent life, the Tang people created and enjoyed a sophisticated lifestyle, devoting themselves wholeheartedly to literary composition, displaying a great taste for life.
·Chang'an and the Silk Road
   China's national strength had been greatly enhanced during the Han Dynasty in the 2nd century BC.
·The Famen Temple and Its underground palace
   The construction of the Famen Temple,located in Fufeng County,began during the Eastern Han Dynasty(25—220 AD),when Buddhism was first introduced into China.
·The Yellow Emperor
   The Yellow Emperor was another Chinese tribal leader of remote antiquity
·The Duke of Zhou
   Legend has it that ancestor of the Zhou people was Hou Ji who, in remote antiquity, taught people to cultivate land and grow food crops.
·Religious Culture
   Today, China is a country,which enjoys religious freedom and where various religions coexist on an equal footing.Most foreign religions,including Buddhism,were introduced to China after the Christian era.
·Qin Shihuang
   In 258 the first month of the Chinese lunar year,a baby boy who was later to become the first emperor of the Qin Dynasty was born into the Qin royal family in Shaanxi Province.His father named him Ying Zheng.
·The Emperor Yan
   The legends of Emperor Yan about his contributions to Chinese agriculture

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