Shaanxi China > Exhibition Hall
·Eight-labed cup
   Eight-lobed cup with dancing and hunting scenesTang dynasty (618–907), 8th century
   Ding was used to symbolize social status and power of the owner
·Silver basin
   Large glided silver basin with two handles used by Tang emperors to worship the Buddha
·Gold and silver wares
   A pure-gold pagoda used to store the Buddha's finger sarira excavated from the Famen Temple in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province.
·The Glazed vase
   Tang glazed vase from the Famen Temple underground palace.
·The Jades
   Jade Bi,burial object unearthed from a ruins of pelorus.
·The Gold-Plate Bronze Relic
   Gold-plated bronze gag-bit and bit of a bridle unearthed from the accompanying burial ground.
·The Bronze livings Goods
   Gold-plated bronze mirror with four nipples,mythical animal design and a persimmon base pattern unearthed from the accompanying burial groud.
·The Female Figurine
   Painted skuatting pottery figurine with violet molded clothes and holding an a object in head,Excavated from Zhouying's Tomb in the cemetery.
·Pottery chessboard & Bricks
   Hollow brick with Xuan Wu (A torlle and a snake) design unearthed form the rouins of pelorus.