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·The pub street-Xi'an International Studies University
   Bright lights, pubs, cafes, charming your lover...
·Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show
   A wonderful performance of the ancient music and dance..
·The pub street—Defu Lane
   To seek love, to make new friends, to relax themselves.
·Theatres & Concerts
   They provide the tourists a good place to enjoy the traditional Chinese music and dinner and local Qin Opera.
·Main shopping center
   Introduction to all kinds of shopping centers Xi'an
·Chang'an Quan Ju De Roast Duck Restaurant
   Restaurant takes Beijing Ming Stove roast duck and duck dishes as the dominant product
·Xi'an Hua Zheng Food Dining and Drinking Co. Ltd.
   Xi'an Hua Zheng Food Dining and Drinking Co. Ltd. is a chain international joint venture, it's the first Japanese barbecue cafeteria in the northwest area of China.
·Chinese Tea, More Important than Rice
   People throughout China drink tea daily. Tea is to the Chinese as wine is to the French, as beer is to the Germans, as cigars are to the Cubans.
·Musical Fountain
   It is a must-see in your Xi'an trip, not because it is free but the most spectacular musical fountain in the world.
·Lantian Jade Carving
   Lantian jade carving is native to Lantian County,Shaanxi Province,which is celebrated at all times and all over the world for its long history, fine engraving and the beautiful ornamental mould.