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·Date Garden-site of the CCP Secretariat
   A lot of historically meaningful events took place in the Date Garden.
·The Pictures Of Yan'an(1)
   The pictures showing the differences between old Yan'an and Today's Yan'an.
·The Pictures Of Yan'an(2)
   The Huanghe Hukou Waterfall、the waist drum、the cave-houses are peculium in Yan'an.
·Maozedong In Yan'an
   The pictures Showing Maozedong's life in Yan'an
·Cradle of China Communism eyes 'Red Tourism' riches
   Yan'an, Coarse grain and a night in a cave don't feature in most holiday brochures, but the remote town of Yan'an hopes to earn a fortune from "red tourists" eager to relive the tough experiences of China's Communist pioneers
·Changqing Face of Old City of Yan'an
   The city of Yan'an is usually associated with shabby cave houses and scenes from the past. But as our reporter Liu Ming finds out, things are changing in this cradle of the Chinese revolution.
·Trip To Yan An
   visit a Cave Home, a kind of architecture only available in this part of China.
·Yan´an: On The Red Route Travel
   In the 1930s and 1940s, the city of Yan'an was a revolutionary base where Chairman Mao commanded the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression and the Liberation War.
·Yan'an Through The Eyes Of Foreigners
   Yan'an was spurred by the "Fascination of the Orient."
·Red Yan'an
   Yan'an was seen as the most important base for the CPC.