Shaanxi China > Routes and Sites
·Major Routes for Baoji city
   Xi'an-Famen Temple-Taibai National Nature Reserve-Guanshan Grassland
·Major Routes for Xianyang City I
   Xi'an-Xianyang Museum-Maoling Mausoleum-Huo qubing's Tomb
·Major Routes for Xianyang City II
   Xi'an-Qianling Mausoleum-The Tomb of Princess Yong tai-The tomb of Crown Prince Zhang Huai-The tomb of Crown Prince YiDe
·Day Tour To The South Route I
   Xi'an-Xingjiao Temple-Qinglong Temple
·Day Tour To The South Route II
   Xi'an-Louguan tai Temple and Louguan tai National Forest Park
·Red Tourism Route
   Famous cities of revolutionary in Shaanxi province.
·Tour to East Route I
   Xi'an-Banpo Museum-The Maosoleum of the First Qin Emperor.
·Tour to East Route II
   At a height of 2,160 meters above sea level and about 120km/3hours east of Xi'an, Huashan, literally translated as Flower Mountain, is a sight for sore eyes.