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·Domestic Trade and Market Price in Shaanxi 2008
·Finance, Securities and Insurance in 2008 Shaanxi
·Xi'an HTDZ emerges as China's R&D hotbed
·Huawei to set up new plants in Xi'an
·China Properties Developments, Inc.
·Entech Environmental, Inc. Retains CCG Elite
·Brief Introduction
   The Status Quo of Intellectual Property After decades of year construction and development, Xi'an has built a batch of big-and-middle-sized enterprises as its backbone of economy.
·International Economic Cooperation Polic
   When establishing cooperative enterprises, the Chinese and foreign cooperators shall, in accordance with the regulations of this Law
·Laws and Regulations
   In order to create a favorable investment environment and to encourage overseas firms to invest in China, since the year of 1979 the Chinese government has gradually set up a relatively complete legal system
· Investment Procedures 
   The encouraged and/or permitted projects with total investment over USD 100 million and limited projects with total investment over USD 50 million shall be subject to approval by the department authorized by the State Council