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·Back to the future
·Entech Environmental, Inc.
·Xi’an High-Tech Industries Development Zone
   State-level Development Zone (approval: State Council; monitoring: Ministry of Science and Technology-MOST);founded in 1991 ;one of the oldest HTDZs;
·Baoji High-Tech Industries Development Zone
   Pillar industries are machinery, electrical /electronic,rare metal ,fibre compound, magnetic material industries.
·Yangling Agricultural High-Tech Demonstration Zone
   Yangling, Shaanxi Province. This is considered a major move to promote the development of agriculture by leaps and bounds, according to the latest Beijing Review.
·Xi'an Eco-tech Development Zone
   Xi’an ETDZ meets all requirements for industrial and trading activities on and int’l. level throughout its administrated territory.
·Xi'an Municipal Development Zones
   Its administration committee has been granted the municipal--level authorities governing the economic management and administration.
·Technological Innovation Systems
   Innovative ability becomes a key factor in influencing economic growth; innovative resources become nowaday's focus as to international competition.
·Xi’an Export Processing Zone
   Domestic goods incl. building material for workshops entering EPZ are treated as being exported ,unless stated otherwise by law/regulations ,and ensue tax refunding by customs;
·Tongxin Fruit Trading Center of Fufeng Count
   Tongxin Fruit Trading Center of Fufeng County was started in 2000 with a refrigeratory of 1000 tons` storage.