Shaanxi China > Local Specials
·Shaanxi Chestnut
   Chestnut is a popular food among ordinaries and be one of the “Five Fruits” together with plum, apricot, peach and dates.
·Sanyuan Liao Flower Sugar
   “Liao(蓼) Flower Sugar” is the traditional famous snack in Sanyuan County.
·Demaogong Crystal Pancakes
   Crystal Pancake is the famous flavor in Ancient Xian City. Its name derives from the crystal-like stuffing inside; it is a typical representative of Qin-style Cakes.
·Northern Shaanxi Dates
   Dates are the proverbial local product not only to the local people in Northern Shaanxi but also the people of nation wide.
·Xian Glutinous Rice Wine
   It is a sort of antiquity wine particularly being in Xian with a long history. it called as “Lao Zao” in Qin Dynasty, “ White Lao Wine” in North Wei Dynasty.
·Lintong Pomegranate
   Pomegranate is a kind of refined fruit with light-red-colored fragrant flower, which has chosen to be the Xian City Flower.
·Kiwi Fruit
   The Kiwi fruit is a kind of Asian frutex with the earliest grown history traced back to the 1970s in France. Originally, its name was the same as the national bird given by New Zealander.
·Southern Shaanxi Walnuts
   The Walnuts were as well introduced by Zhangqian, an envoy sent to the Western Regions in the Western Han Dynasty,it was initially grown in Iran and Afghanistan.
·Shaanxi Green Tea
   The Green Tea is mainly produced in South Shaanxi Province. As we all know that tea is refreshing ourselves for the caffeine and alkali contained.
·Yangxian Black Rice
   Black rice in Yangxian County once was the tribute for the unique soil here, which is a kind luxury for ordinaries.